What was discussed with the main contributors either ends up in here or some of the Ship screens. Two screen layouts. One has images & interview extracts, the other has rotating animations. Use the MODE button on the top right of this section to flip between them. The porn movie the cast and crew made in 1993. No wait, that’s in the Other Stuff bit. This is the concept art a few of the contributors sent over. If it didn’t fit into the other sections it got thrown in here. Bit of an eclectic mix of images, trivia, a few video clips as well as links, downloads and credits. Use this to toggle between the more factual stuff and the screens holding the small animations showing ship models. Emmy Award winning co-founder of Foundation imaging. If you’re only ever going to read one interview on here, then this should be it. Emmy award winning co-founder of Foundation Imaging. Designed ships like Omega and G’Quan, while creating the computer network & render farm. Conceptual artist on pilot and first 3 seasons. Employed on a freelance basis, and created things like the main alien races and ships such as the Starfury. Emmy award winning co-founder of Optic Nerve. Innovative make-up artist who worked on first two seasons of the show. Emmy award winning visual FX supervisor for first two seasons of B5, with a TV and movie credit listing you wouldn’t believe Emmy award winning rotoscope and FX artist. Saved the production a fortune by bringing the work over to desktop computers. Worked on first two seasons. Emmy award winning compositor. Another influential artist who developed techniques which would become industry standards. Worked on all 5 years of B5. Academy award winning software developer. Provided software solutions which allowed B5 to be made. Also developed the morphing software used in the pilot. Highly influential, hands on producer who worked closely with every department on the show. His budget and schedule got the show made on time with little money. Concept designer employed on freelance basis. Responsible for aliens, ships & sets. Worked on all 5 seasons, TNT movies & Crusade. Concept designer brought on to work full time at start of 4th season. Became Art Director for visual effects on 5th season and Crusade. Makeup artist who helped out during pre-production of the first season – and who designed N’Grath. Animator working at Foundation Imaging for first two seasons of B5. Also designed a number of ships, such as the Hyperion and Centauri fighter. Emmy award winning senior animator at Foundation Imaging. Highly talented and imaginative shot maker who liked to try and sneak in Elvis Presley Easter eggs. Animator working at Netter Digital. Joined near the end of the 4th season. Skilled 2D animator he quickly became the shop’s main character animator. Traditional FX artist who joined Foundation during 3rd season. Later joined Netter Digital during season 5, and became an FX supervisor on Crusade. Concept designer on Legend of The Rangers. Big B5 fan, he was responsible for all the new ship designs seen in that proposed pilot to a potential new series. Emmy award winning 3D lead at Atmosphere FX. An exisitng B5 fan, his involvement in the (2007) Lost Tales made a huge impact on how it looked. 3D artist on the Sierra PC game. Joined Foundation Imaging when game was cancelled at 11th hour. Script writer and game narrative developer for the abandoned Sierra game - Into The Fire. Co-founder of Mongoose Publications. The last of the Babylon 5 licensee holders to produce official merchandise. The ships primarily used by the Earth military. Basically Earth ships which don’t appear to be exclusive to the military. These are the ships that have been identified as belonging to the Minbari. The ships used by the last of the Brunnen-G. For a while this was actually going to be a site focusing on Lexx. I shit you not. Why am I even adding these descriptions. This was a stupid idea. These are the races that make up the League of Non Aligned worlds. Many of which joined the ISA in season 4, or maybe it was 5. These are basically the ships used by the 'Rangers'. The policing force of the ISA. No prizes for guessing that the ships in this section belong to the Drahk. All the First One designs are in here, including those for the Shadows and Vorlons. These are designs which don't fit neatly into any of the previous categories, and the names of the races (or groups) using them are known. The names of the races (or groups) who use these vessels were never mentioned in the show. Steve Burg, Tim Earls, Luc Mayrand and Ron Thorton sent over the bulk of these sketches which relate to the original series and pilot movie. Small collection of concept art created by Luc Mayrand and Tim Earls for, surprisingly enough, Crusade and the TNT movies. There’s something from Wayne Barlowe as well. LOTR is shorthand for Legend Of The Rangers (as a newbie I thought fans were slagging off Lord Of The Rings). Chris Wren and Ken Rabehl sent these over. A few pieces that Alec McClymont sent over for the short lived, DVD of Lost Tales. Hold on didn't Talkien do a book of Lost Tales as well. Here's the ship designs which Luc Mayrand created for the game which Sierra cancelled, 10 minutes before it was due for release back in 1999. Although the name might suggest otherwise, there isn’t a dwarf comedian in this bit. It's the free mini comic which was meant to be shipped with the Lost Tales DVD, then wasn’t. Basically a long winded links section, highlighting some of the stuff I found interesting on the web for one reason or another. Not sure if this section has a future. But there might be a few video clips that could find their way onto the site – so if they do, they need to go somewhere. As well as the full site download there’s a couple of other bits, for folks who might find them useful but don’t want to download the whole thing. Pretty self explanatory. A list - of sorts - of the folks who have helped with putting this monstrosity together.